Using Earth-Friendly Products to Get Business and Respect

Using Earth-Friendly Products to Get Business and Respect

As research continues to show the impact of climate change on our planet, it is increasingly important to promote your company as an environmental consideration. We can all reduce things around the office such as paper usage and ensure we turn off the PC at the end of the day, but our customers cannot see this change. This is where earth-friendly products are very useful. Earth-friendly products, of course, covers a wide variety of things, from washing powder to clothing. But of course, not all are suitable for the successful promotion of your company. Many promotional items are therefore now available as eco-friendly products, either made from recycled materials or having other eco-friendly credentials such as being biodegradable.

An Earth-friendly Product

Making the switch from a ‘regular’ promotional item to an earth-friendly product need not be expensive or difficult. Most good promotional companies will be able to advise you of the most cost-effective items to compliment your existing campaigns, and artwork requirements shouldn’t be very different. You will probably be surprised at the range of earth-friendly products you can get, and may not even realize some already fit that criterion!

The Bag for Life

One of the most popular and widely used earth-friendly products are the bags for life that several leading supermarkets use. The selection of these bags is now significantly larger than when they were first introduced, with colored bags and drawstring rucksack styles now available. These eco-friendly products are of course not only incredibly useful but something of a fashion item these days, so if you can use a creative, funky design that incorporates your company logo you can only increase the appeal of these, and therefore your level of exposure.

Popular Earth-friendly Products

Another range of earth-friendly products popular with many people is stationery items. Pens, pencils, rulers, pencil cases, paper even more besides. Why not go for a selection of earth-friendly products to make a desk set for your customers? This way your message will be re-iterated several times across your customer’s workspace, and, if their office is like many others, ‘borrowed’ by colleagues and spread even further.

Being eco-friendly doesn’t have to be a serious subject – why not go for some toys? With items available including Frisbees, yoyos, and boomerangs, these eco products will appeal to children and adults alike. Being that little bit different from other promotional items, they will have added ‘Wow!’ appeal when received.


There is no doubt that everyone is thinking more carefully about the effect they have on the environment. By using eco-friendly products to promote your business, you gain respect from your clients by showing you too are thinking about the planet, while still getting your message across in a clear but interesting way.