Field Agent

Agent Smart ShopIn the USA, there already is a extremely distinct law , under which it is quite properly impossible for any two or a lot more persons to carry out a stalking campaign against a citizen, with no conspiring to deny that citizen their legal and constitutional rights. Their trendscan work has bridged 4 decades commissioned by several customers which includes the Province of Ontario, the Canadian Red Cross, the Canadian Parks/Recreation Association, the Canadian Tourism Commission and the Canadian Parks Council.

Thank goodness daddy didn’t raise no pencil pusher, and that his son was clever enough to join the West Allis Auto Club!!(Wisconsin) BTW- I am a QA Analyst by day, and a motor head by night, but I don’t wear the cape anymore mainly because it gets all greasy right after climbing beneath these monsters.

Needless to say my clever watch has not arrived however, and it looks like it will nonetheless be a while, with Property of Horology, the case designers, getting shut down shop and reneged on their contract to provide the design, but the enterprise continues to plod on, and has for the 1st time showed the watch’s Windows Telephone app in action, particularly the capability …

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