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Smart Shop ApplicationMallMate, a new mobile app that streamlines the shopping mall knowledge, has been officially launched in the UAE. When the installer arrives they’ll not only make certain your sensible thermostat is fitted and functioning, but they will give you a walk-through of the controls and make certain the initial set-up is how you like it. Installations take around an hour and are obtainable Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm.

Fitle have already raised over $55,000 from 237 pledges, above their target with a 45 hour deadline before the campaign closes, displaying solid support for the e-commerce platform, and anybody can donate from as little as $1. The Fitle app will be free to download and obtainable for Beta testing in February 2015.

Merit Criteria – Establishment and Application: This session explores the topic of merit, focusing on the legal requirements and respect for values in setting and applying merit criteria. As Cease & Shop supermarket moves far more and more services on line, the quantity of damage that can be carried out by possessing unauthorized persons who understand passwords of Shopping Buddy customers is increasing. A new augmented reality mobile shopping app being created by researcher scientists at IBM’s lab in Haifa, …

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