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Smart Shop ProductWe provide clear information for all solutions we sell in addition to an in depth encyclopaedia on organic psychedelics. At Wise Zone, a tiny shop tacked on to the back of the St. Christopher’s hostel and Winston Kingdom club, you can perk up with kola nut, or wind down with skullcap or valerian. I lately went to the Joe V retailer in Galena Park and I have to say I was amazed at how significantly more affordable most of the items have been compared to Walmart…want they would put one particular up closer to me as I would rather shop there than the walmart. The ingredient DMT, that gives the effects, is officially deemed ‘hard drugs’ in The Netherlands, thought it is tolerated for use by specific religious groups (eg Santo Daime in Amsterdam). We use many of our products ourselves and we can inform you lots of exciting facts on the use, effects, dosage and dangers when working with our products. This legal regime is markedly different from the 1 that applies to cannabis items.

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