Top Smart Clothing Brands to Watch in 2024

Top Smart Clothing Brands to Watch in 2024

The fashion industry has witnessed a rapid transformation in recent years, and smart clothing is taking over the market by storm. With the integration of sensor technology, smart clothing is revolutionizing the way we exercise, commute, and live our everyday lives. There are a variety of smart clothing brands out there, but in this article, we will list the top smart clothing brands that you should keep an eye on in 2024.

1. Athos

Athos is a top smart clothing brand that is dedicated to helping people achieve their fitness goals through technology. Their range of smart workout clothes is designed to track muscle activity and provide instant feedback. The brand’s workout gear is equipped with sensors that monitor muscle movement and provide insights into the wearer’s performance, allowing users to gain valuable feedback on their technique.

2. Sensoria

Sensoria is another top brand that is making waves in the smart clothing market. The brand’s smart apparel range includes running shoes, sports bras, and t-shirts. These pieces of clothing are equipped with advanced sensor technology that tracks fitness data and provides personalized feedback to the wearer. Sensoria’s smart sports bra, for instance, is designed to monitor heart rate, breathing, and movement during a workout.

3. Hexoskin

Hexoskin is a Montreal-based smart clothing brand that specializes in designing high-performance athletic wear. The brand’s smart clothing line includes shirts, pants, and shorts, all of which are designed to monitor vital signs and provide real-time insights. Hexoskin’s smart clothing is an ideal choice for fitness enthusiasts who want to monitor their health data while pushing themselves to the limit.

4. OMsignal

OMsignal is a pioneering smart clothing brand that is changing the game of fitness wearables. The brand’s smart clothing range features t-shirts and sports bras that track biometric data, such as heart rate and breathing rate. What’s more, the data is seamlessly transmitted to a compatible app, allowing users to visualize their progress over time.

5. Lumenus

Lumenus is a smart clothing brand that focuses on the intersection of fashion and technology. The brand’s smart clothes are designed with safety in mind, making them an excellent choice for outdoor sports enthusiasts who want to stay visible. Lumenus’ smart clothes feature LED lights that can be controlled through an app, making it easy to customize the illumination to suit your needs.

The smart clothing industry is expanding, and these five brands are at the forefront of this revolution. With cutting-edge technology, superior design, and innovative features, these brands are set to become the top smart clothing brands to watch in 2024.