Our Top Tips for Flawless Makeup Application

Makeup is all about being creative and using the tools available to present yourself to the world how you feel comfortable. The challenge faced by most women is learning the skill and techniques to execute their makeup work to the level of the image they have inside their head.

This is where we can help! Below are our top pick of makeup tips, tricks, and techniques to get you on your way to looking your best!

No More Using Your Fingers!

The number one makeup tip comes in the form of application, Namely, not applying any type of makeup with your hands or your fingers. Does it take more time to paint your foundation with a foundation brush then to smother it on your hands and then on your face? Yes. Can you tell the difference between the two? Oh, heck yes!

If a foundation brush isn’t your thing, small makeup sponges are super easy to use and are great for coverage.


This one can be a bit hit or miss when it comes to application. But there’s an easy trick. Simply smile wide and heavily dust the apples or your cheek. Then, gently brush upwards aimed at the top of your ear. If you like, you can then use any remaining makeup on your jawline to soften any heavy shadows.

One Color Isn’t Enough

Before you think about all of those people on TV with crazy makeup, this tip simply means that there needs to be some depth to your makeup and eyes. If you are using a deep color to shade your eyelids and brow line, such as a black, brown, or even a purple, consider a cream or white shadow at the inner corners of your eyes and to highlight the arch of your brow.

If you aren’t sure what colors suit you best, check out the Groupon Coupons page for Macy’s for pre-selected color palettes. These work great for carry around supplies because they have a matched selection of colors in a convenient package.

Set and Forget

Powder isn’t a nicety that you can apply if you have it on hand. Powder, even sheer, should be part of your essential kit that you take with you everywhere. Once your foundation and concealer have been set, use your powder brush to give your T-zone a strong brush, then a light dusting on the rest of your face. Don’t forget that your jawline and neck can also use a dusting to help blend.

The color that you choose depends entirely on the style of makeup that you use and look that you are working towards. If you are wanting something sexy and chic then a slight glow or shimmer can be a nice choice. If you’re looking for strong and professional, match your skin tone or use a transparent powder.

Line Those Lips!

The most overlooked and underused product in a makeup bag is lip-liner. Again, most people jump straight to the thought of horribly applied makeup with a thick black lip outline and fluorescent coloring. Instead, look for a liner that matches your preferred lipstick almost identically. The purpose of lip liner isn’t for appearance but is to keep your lipstick within the lines of your lips, and not bleeding onto your foundation.

Getting your look on point isn’t difficult, it just takes a few tricks and techniques to prevent you looking basic. In addition to the great tips in this article, don’t be afraid to have a chat with your local makeup counter assistance to get their advice on colors that will work best for you and application techniques and advice.