How to save money on custom clothing

How to save money on custom clothing

Finding a company that can make custom clothing today is a lot easier than it used to be. Over the last decade and thanks to the internet there have been many advances in technology which not only mean there are more companies providing the service, but also a big variation in pricing for what appears to be the same garment.

When it comes to custom clothing, many businesses won’t spend the time educating their customers on the process and that can lead to either purchasing a product that doesn’t fit the brief, or customers leaving the whole shopping process altogether.

In short, we as customers become quoters. We want to see what the best deal is and what we’ll actually be getting for our money when it comes to making a decision. Online stores such as however have provided lots of information on custom clothing and in particular on how to save money when it comes to getting your designs printed.

Here are just a few of their top rated tips;

Print less colours

Whether you are having a one-off event or you are going for a uniform look, the more colours you are printing, the more expensive the price per custom print will become.

If you have a colourful logo, why not consider changing it into a single colour screen print or use a greyscale and contrast with a single colour behind it. Ultimately, if you are giving away t-shirts at an event, you want to lower your costs and alternatively, if you will be getting through many in a year, you want to keep designs simple.

Use a white t-shirt

Going back to colour selection being vital, choosing a white shirt to print on can drastically cut the cost of printing and re-designs of logos as well. Furthermore less setup is needed, less ink, and white t-shirts are generally the cheaper option.

Choose screen printing – if you can

If you have a simple design, white t-shirt/shirts and you wanted to keep the cost down, screen printing is an ideal solution! It also deals with bulk orders at a cheaper rate because the set up charge would only be on one design with fewer colours.

Increase your quantity

Like most bulk buy options, going for more can cost less! Aside from changing the number of colours, the price per shirt can be drastically shifted based on the amount you order. You’d be shocked to see how by changing the number from 12 to 24 pieces you could reduce costs by 30%. Even smaller quantities like this can be affected by going for double quantity.

It also makes sound logic when you consider purchasing custom clothing to buy in bulk on the first order as you many need more stock depending on the kind of business you run, such as a coffee shop or independent retailer.

These are just a few ideas in how to reduce the cost on custom clothing. Our advice, shop around, compare prices and play with colours and quantities for the best possible deal.