7 Steps to Sweet Success: Smart Shopping Strategies

1. Sunday Newspaper-Purchase at the very least two newspapers on Sunday. This will likely provide you with two like coupons if there is a Acquire One Get 1 No cost Sale on products at your retailer. Remember, most retailers do allow you to use a coupon around the Absolutely free item.

2. Method of Organization-Find the very best program of coupon organization that operates greatest for you personally. As soon as you commence collecting coupons on a weekly basis, you are going to see just how lots of coupons that you simply can accumulate. Superior coupon organization is essential to becoming a successful couponer!

3. Set a goal for yourself. Start small. Each week, plan on saving just a few more dollars than you did the last week. Before you know it, you will be saving hundreds of dollars! You will be amazed at how quickly the savings will add up.

4. Stack coupons to maximize your savings. Many stores such as Target and Publix have their own store coupons that you can stack with a manufacturer’s coupon to maximize your savings even more! The general rule of thumb for stacking is one manufacturer’s coupon and one store coupon per item purchased. Stacking coupons is probably one of the easiest ways to start building yourself a nice stockpile of items as you will be able to get items for free or for very inexpensive.

5. Start shopping the sales. Scour the weekly ads and check out sneak peeks to your favorite stores. Did you know that many stores will post the next week’s ad as much as a week in advance? This allows you to prepare in advance and to get your coupons and shopping list together so that you have a plan of action.

6. Stockpile. Once you start couponing and searching for bargains, you will quickly see how easy it is to get items for free and very inexpensive. If your favorite brand of pasta is on sale and you are able to get it for free or very inexpensive with coupons, purchase as many boxes as possible and add them to your stockpile. A great stockpile is made when you gradually add sale items each week that are free or very inexpensive. Stockpiling also allows you to have items on hand for emergency situations such as job loss, hurricanes, etc…

7. Share. Once you start adding items to your stockpile on a weekly basis, you will quickly realize that not only do you have enough items for you and your family to last for several months, but you will also be able to donate items to those in need and to share those items with your family and friends. If your family does not use pet food but you can get it for free, think about donating it to a pet shelter in your area, they would greatly appreciate your freebies!