5 Tips to Choose the Right Pair of Cufflinks

It is a common misconception that men are too concerned when it comes to dressing up for some occasion. Some men are as enthusiastic about styling up their look as women. So when it comes to suiting up these men want everything to be perfectly aligned with their look. Whether they are dressing up for a wedding, an interview, a date night or a formal dinner of some sort, each and every aspect of the outfit needs to be taken care of. It is vital to note that men’s cufflinks add style and taste to the suit. But it only happens when you choose the right pair of cufflinks. As you read the last line of this article you’ll have some valuable tips to choose just the right pair.

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  1. Not too loud: the cufflinks need to be the subtle style statement in addition to your suit, not the entire statement. It’s ok that you like the flash life but keep that limited to other spheres not your cufflinks. Huge and gaudy cufflinks bring down the entire look rather than elevating it. Always keep in mind the occasion you’re going to and even if it’s a wedding those screaming pieces of metal on your cuffs don’t need to steal the show. Instead go for something minimal yet edgy. Nothing speaks fashion better than the ‘less is more’ phenomenon.
  1. Be neutral: so no one needs a different pair of cufflinks to match all your shirts and ties. When going out for cufflink shopping do keep in mind that you need to be as neutral as possible. It’s not the shade of the cufflinks that really matters. If you have some basic colors like silver, gold and black then you’re really good to go. However to satisfy your inner funk you can have one or two pieces of blue, red or green but don’t go overboard with it. You don’t want to look out of place in a formal environment.
  1. Create a fusion: mix it up a bit with some classic designs and some contemporary patterns. Men’s fashion has evolved over the time just like any other thing. Cufflinks are the small arena men get to play around in when it comes to putting together a look. So pick something that gives that antique touch as well as that spin of the modern fashion.
  1. Play it safe: sometimes all you need to do is play it safe and go for the evergreen design in cufflinks. Yes, there are some designs in this piece of accessory that can never go out of style and they are the classic stud pieces. When in doubt choose the studs. The single stone gem cufflinks are the safest and most stylish card.
  1. Be economical: there are plenty of economical options for cufflinks. You don’t always have to be all fancy about it with some polished personal taste you can pick out nice pieces even from affordable places. There is nothing like making a statement while staying in budget.