5 Best Diwali Gift Ideas for Corporates

Corporate Gifts have become a well-established culture in the corporate industry. As a part of the traditional and cultural practice in India, Employees are given gifts on major festivals to create a sense of ownership in the employees towards the company and also show a gesture to acknowledge the spirit of festivity amongst employees. However, selecting and choosing Diwali gifts can be challenging. There are multiple websites, which offer a plethora of Diwali gift ideas for Corporates.
We will discuss with you 5 such Gift Ideas.

Office Bag

Almost all office going individuals, men or women require to carry things to their place of work, from laptops to their notepads. Gifting a personalised office bag to the employees or to the top managerial employees can be a very appealing Diwali gift. An Office Bag is not only a gift of utmost utility for an employee but also something that can be personalised with the Name and Designation of the individual, along with the logo of the company, to make him/her feel appreciated.

Executive Kit

Just like the above-mentioned Office Bag, an executive kit can be one of the most appropriate and appreciable personalised Diwali gift for the Corporates to give to their employees.  An executive kit can be assembled with multiple utility items. Creating the perfect Executive kit will require you to include all the things that come in handy for an individual at the work place. An executive Kit can include a personalised notepad, paperweight, a pen along with a pen stand.

Diwali Hamper

To make the employees feel special and to celebrate the festival, companies can create a Diwali Hamper. A Diwali hamper can be a basket of dry fruits, along with idols of gods. The dry fruits can be replaced with premium chocolates as well. This Diwali Hamper will give a homely feeling to the employee it is being given to.


Gifting cutlery to people on the occasion of Diwali is an extremely prevalent culture. Cutlery can be of any kind. Some high budgeted companies in the corporate sometimes also gift Silverware to the employees in the top management. The cutlery can have the logo or name of the company engraved in the silver ware to make it more personalised.

Stationery Set/Mobile Phone set

Not all companies can afford to invest in expensive personalised gifts for their employees. There are some companies who wish to maintain a sense of uniformity as well. In such cases the companies can gift a pen set and mobile set to their employees. A pen set will include; a pen, paper weight, markers, notepads, etc. Similarly, a mobile set will include a cable set, a phone stand, a separate stand for a charger, etc.

The Last Words

These are certain Gifts for corporates that can use in the time of festivals like Diwali and also any other special occasion where to have to give gifts to their employees. Some gifts can be more personalised than other, so depending on the type of gift the company want to give, a choice can be made.