Buying on Craigslist – Tips for Getting the Best Deals


Do you want to save money by buying used ones and not new ones? Whether you are looking for clothes, electronics, cars, furniture, or anything in between, you can find them on popular, popular websites. But wait! How can you make sure you really get a good deal?

Search Wisely

When searching on Craigslist the traditional way, you select your state and city, such as California and Sacramento. Then, look on the page for the “for sale,” section. There are many headings listed underneath. Select what you are looking for. For example, flat screen TVs and video game consoles fall under electronics. After clicking the appropriate link, you will see a search box at the top of the page. Use this search box, but choose your phrases wisely. Video game console is nice, but search with the actual console name, like Wii, PSP, or Xbox 360 to get targeted results.

Read Headlines to Save Time

After searching , you will see a list of product headlines. These not only describe the for sale product, but give the selling price too. You are looking for the best deal. Automatically bypass products where the seller is asking too much. This allows you to find the best deals without spending hours browsing or searching.

Read Listings Carefully

Getting a good deal not only means getting a good price. It also means buying a quality product. Used costs less, so you are automatically saving money. You also want to ensure you are buying a good product. It is your decision to buy broken items or those that need repairs, like an old kitchen table. With that said, keep the cost of these repairs in mind. If you aren’t careful, they can ruin an otherwise good deal.

Haggle for a Lower Price

Craigslist is basically one big online garage sale, only without the hassle and wasted time. Many shoppers haggle for a lower price at yard sales and you can do the same on . In fact you should. You have nothing to lose. What is the worst that will happen? You will get a no.

Respond Quickly

Most important tip of all; respond to for sale products quickly. Good deals go quick on Craigslist. It isn’t the type of service where you can think about buying a product 3 days before buying. With a good price, the item, like flat screen TV, may be gone five hours from now. If you find a good deal on , make contact with the seller right away. Depending on the value of the item, you can make an agreement to buy the item right away or arrange a showing.